Berlin University of the Arts

The Berlin University of the Arts is one of the biggest, most diversified and traditional universities of the arts worldwide. The teaching offered at the four colleges of Fine Art, Design, Music and Performing Arts as well as at the Central Institute of Further Education (Berlin Career College) encompasses the full spectrum of the arts and related academic studies. Having the right to confer doctorates and post-doctoral qualifications, Berlin University of the Arts is also one of Germany’s few art colleges with full university status. Almost all the study courses at Berlin University of the Arts are part of a centuries-old tradition. Spurning compromise in artistic and creative disciplines, these colleges facilitate an integrated view of the arts by means of interdisciplinary projects, shared theoretical starting points, and the consolidation of related academic fields. Thus Berlin University of the Arts gives its students—at an early stage and within the protected sphere of a study course—the opportunity to investigate and experiment with other art forms in order to recognise and extend the boundaries of their own discipline.

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