Bath School of Art and Design

The Bath School of Art and Design was originally established in 1852 as the Bath School of Art, and is now an integral part of Bath Spa University, a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise.

Based in a world heritage city, Bath Spa University is a beautiful place to learn. Through innovative teaching we prepare you for a creative career better than anywhere else, and our lecturers and facilities get you ready with the skills and knowledge you need to challenge the established order.

We believe in individuals, and aim to provide the space and time for people to think and do. Horizons expand and knowledge deepens through exploration in ideas, experimentation in process, engagement with the Creative Industries, and from the exceptional academic and technical support.

From age old, artisan printing techniques to cutting edge 3D printing technology, our facilities are some of the best to be found anywhere in the world. In each discipline we encourage depth of subject understanding, yet a multidisciplinary approach, and the range of exceptional equipment and workshops in wood, metal, ceramics, textiles, print, photography, plastic, casting, paint, fashion and digital technologies support this experience.

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