ArtTable Netherlands

ArtTable Netherlands is a membership organization of professional women in the broad field of the visual arts. The organization was founded in 2005, following the example of ArtTable US, with the aim to provide a platform for meeting and inspiration and to promote the position of women in the art world. Today, ArtTable Netherlands has over one hundred members. Our network consists of women in leading positions in various sectors of the arts. The members are experts in the field of art history, art collections, organization, education, communication and fundraising. We are committed to the exclusive, qualitative character of our network and are also open to promising young women who are at the beginning of their careers. Our ongoing mission includes sharing our knowledge and experiences and foster support for women in all stages of their careers. Furthermore, it is our mission to inform members and the general public about significant developments and issues in the visual arts through public conferences, talks and informal meetings.

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