Bianca Baldi, Play-White, 2019. Installation view at POOL as part of the Holding Water programme. Photo: Masimba Sasa.

POOL is a Johannesburg-based not-for-profit art organisation that supports practitioners through collaboration, commissioning, and the presentation of new work. POOL champions contemporary experimental and interdisciplinary artist and curator-led practice and research, and works to develop projects that connect practitioners, organisations and publics across a constellation of creative practices, scales and sites.

Emerging from an investigation into the role, forms, and organising systems of art institutions, POOL considers, from the perspective of artistic and curatorial practice, what it might mean to institute in ways that are dynamic, responsive and generative. To that end, POOL experiments and plays with instituent forms, exhibitions, public programming and publications as spatial and discursive practices. POOL was founded in 2015 by Mika Conradie and Amy Watson.

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