Art World Learning

Select Art World Learning Instructors. Clockwise from top left: Luke Blackadar, Kay Takeda, Marci Blackman, Diana Y Greiner, Yanely Espinal, Amy Whitaker, and Jessica Lee.

Art World Conference—the professional development experience that brings together artists and arts professionals at all stages of their careers—has launched Art World Learning (AWL), a new online education platform. AWL brings financial health to artists, designers, and cultural producers through a series of videos and learning materials presented by and for creatives on topics such as freelance finance, budgeting, taxes, credit, debt, investing, and intellectual property.

The subscription-based platform is currently being used by educational institutions across the country and is available to schools and arts organizations that wish to foster the financial independence of their students, alumni, and artist/designer communities.

Art World Learning objectives:
–To normalize a concrete, actionable discussion of value, money, and financial health in the arts
–To explicitly address the financial lives of artists, arts workers, and their businesses through a lens of sustainability
–To increase the bargaining power of the art sector and empower a more diverse group of artists to acknowledge their agency and their value in social, cultural, and monetary terms

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