Art Galleries at Black Studies at University of Texas at Austin

Installation shot of Angelbert Metoyer's exhibition Wrestling History: Points Along a Journey of Dis/covery Hidden in the Temple at the Christian-Green Gallery. Photo: Mark Doroba, The Visual Resources Collection, The University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

The Art Galleries at Black Studies (AGBS) at the University of Texas is a platform from which to unpack timely social issues through the arts. From exhibitions celebrating contemporary creative expression to displays of archives and material culture, AGBS is the sole on-campus entity dedicated to showcasing narratives of Africa and the African Diaspora. Comprised of two galleries—The Christian-Green Gallery and the Idea Lab—AGBS spaces are premiere destinations for anyone who seeks to connect with narratives that affect us all. The Christian-Green Gallery regularly exhibits artwork from notable figures such as Michael Ray Charles, Deborah Roberts, and Jacob Lawrence, and The Idea Lab flexes as a gallery, think tank, and meeting room in which scholars and members of the community at large can engage in critical exchange. Centers for key AGBS exhibitions as well as for important conversations, the Christian-Green Gallery and the Idea Lab honor the significant role of Black Diaspora creative expression in the struggle for social justice.

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