New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science

The Center for Experimental Humanities, welcomes creative, forward-thinking students whose scholarly interests are most fruitfully explored outside the boundaries of conventionally organized academic disciplines.

Through our classes and public programs, we expose students to dynamic and imaginative approaches to creative writing, journalism and publishing, gender and sexuality, digital humanities, philosophy and critical theory, art history and curatorial practices, postcolonial and Global South theory, radical and activist pedagogy, urban studies, and public intellectual history. All our classes integrate the resources for the university and the city into the classroom, introducing students to archives, galleries, readings, and screenings both on and off campus. Conversely, we ask students to bring their own curiosities and interests into their intellectual work.

Our course of study is uniquely flexible in allowing students to take up to half their classes across other departments at NYU and, by so doing, handcraft a curriculum that best suits their intellectual and professional interests. Our faculty and scholars-in-residence – who include curators, social justice activists, prize-winning creative writers and journalists, and even Academy Award nominees – teach innovative classes and workshops, bring cutting-edge cultural practitioners into seminars, and enthusiastically advise and mentor students.



Full or part-time, 32 credits.


Interdisciplinary, Art History, Writing and Publishing, Criticism, Urban Studies, Design, Art and Activism, Cinema and Visual Culture, Film Studies, Sound Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Global Critical Theory.

current faculty

Rich Blint, Lori Cole, Paul Cronin, Dan Fox, Leo Goldsmith, Amin Husain, Lucy Ives, Kimon Keramidas, Peter Lucas, Sukhdev Sandhu.

visiting artists

Dawn Chan, Danielle Jackson.