Art Inside Out

Art Inside Out is a nomadic institution for artist-in-residence in all art forms and genres. Artists are invited to explore the possibilities for their own art practices, as well as delve into new collaborations, with the county of Halland as a playing field. Through an open process that leaves room for the unforeseen, there is the opportunity for new discourse, where art generates creative solutions and new perspective.

Art Inside Out’s residencies are open for both international and national artists. Since its start in January 2016 the institution has hosted around thirty artistes from various field of artistic expressions, including poetry and design. Participating artists are offered compensation for their work, travel, accommodation, workplaces, artistic support and means of production.

Each residency is uniquely curated, and it starts processes that can carry on long after the residence artists have left the site. That is one of the aims with the nomadic art institution Art Inside Out, that is operated as a partnership between the Halland County and its six municipalities.

Above: Skanna, by Kristina Müntzing (2018, Äskhults by, Kungsbacka). Photo: Davor Abazovic.



Full-time, two per year (between six to eight weeks)


Residencies are open to all artistic disciplines and expressions (including Interdisciplinary, Film, Writing, Criticism, etc.)

notable alumni

Kerstin Bergendal, MASU (Mattias Gunnarsson & Susanne Westerberg), Saadia Hussain, Samir Alj Fält, Hanna Nilsson, Sofia Østerhus, Jun Feng, Åsa Maria Kraft, Morten Langeland, Jonas Rolsted, Heidi von Wright, Helena Österlund, Katja Tukiainen, Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir, Gustav Hellberg, Matilda Ruta, Karin Auran Frankenstein, Sebastian Dahlqvist, Karina Sarkissova, Åsa Stjerna

visiting artists

Kristina Müntzing, Cora Jongsma, Klára Petra Szábo, Támas Szvét