Oregon Institute for Creative Research: E4

The Oregon Institute for Creative Research: E4, a 501(c)(3), is a platform for generating new models for theory and practice, research and critique, art and intervention, representation and verification; a school in which students and researchers work on major questions of pressing concern and global import in terms of intersections (Ethics, Æsthetics, Ecology, Education); and a project incubator for actuating optimal futures in the face of massive global change, political polarization, and environmental catastrophe.  Towards this end, the OICR fosters the work of thinkers and makers devoted to tackling social, psychological, and ecological problems in new and innovative ways—scholars, theorists, researchers, journalists, documentarians, filmmakers, social-justice advocates, artists, writers, and poets.  Each year, a select number of students, research apprentices, and research associates are carefully chosen to work with OICR faculty on projects possessing direct relevance for rethinking major sites of contemporary contestation in the 21st century, with special attention paid to the role played by aesthetics.  OICR sponsors cutting-edge initiatives that meld theory and practice, insisting on the reunification of all fields of knowledge with the ultimate goal of the resacralization of the world. 



Critical theory and creative research.

current faculty

Anne-Marie Oliver, Barry Sanders, and Marie-Pierre Hasne.