The Brno House of Arts

The Brno House of Arts has been a constituent of Brno culture for over one hundred years. Since World War II it has been strictly oriented on progressive contemporary art and 20th century art. It is an open modern institution mediating and stimulating contacts between artists and audiences. The Brno House of Arts is traditionally one of the most significant agents in Brno culture, and its ambition is also to be a dynamic space connected to the network of prominent European galleries. Its activity contributes to shape the local specific form and level of visual creation. It is active in international, national and local contexts. The character of the Brno House of Arts, an exhibition centre without artistic collections of its own, determines to a great extent the form of its exhibitions, mainly oriented to present-day issues from both artistic and social life. The purpose of the institution consist in promoting long-term, continuous development of the discipline in the local environment. Professional approach, depending neither on the market nor on fashions, to the management of this organisation funded from public money, is perhaps the most important delimitation of the ground plan for its activities.