Graduate School of Global Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts

The Graduate School of Global Arts is a new graduate center in Tokyo University of the Arts that was established in April 2016 to confront the rapid advances of globalization within the fields of art and culture. Since entering the 21st century we have already witnessed dramatic changes in society. As this century continues, in what way will art and culture change? The Graduate School will offer an experimental study programme to produce theories and practices that tackle these new and shifting forms of art and culture. In the graduate school’s first year, the Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices was launched as one of the center’s main departments. In its new course, the key areas of specialization are Arts Management, Curation and Research. Within these specializations, we intend for each student to work with their supervisors, utilizing international networks, and engaging in both arts and cultural research and practical training in order to respond to the cultural conditions in the world today.