August 2021

Memes: The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism? conference


This academic conference on the relationship between internet memes and politics, hosted by the Centre for Digital Culture, Kings College London, exhibits several characteristics and concerns relevant to memeclassworldwide. First, each presentation provides a focused perspective on the ways internet memes were used in recent presidential elections; these presentations show how humanities researchers and cultural theorists attempt to anchor online dynamics in cultural discourses by referencing concepts such as memetics, culture/subculture, and ritualistic magic. Second, the conference provides a glimpse into how humanities scholars conducting online research use computational methods that attempt to address the epistemological questions raised by studying an unstable and vastly distributed user-generated body of information. Third, the conference is a record of the hasty shift in academic and educational formats that took place when the Covid-19 pandemic made in-person conferences a health hazard, which subsequently and permanently changed the way knowledge is performed, documented, and distributed. [1]1
In the same vein, we recommend Dr. Tony Sampson, “Virality Contagion Theory in the Age of Covid-19” .

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