August 2021

Dieter Lesage: The Black Mountain Syndrome


In this lecture given at a symposium reflecting on the legacy of Black Mountain College, Dieter Lesage introduces what he calls “Black Mountain Syndrome,” a condition resulting from the trauma caused by the bureaucratic processes at European academies that, he says, leads patients to think of “Black Mountain College as the best school we have never been to.” [1]1
A transcript of the lecture can be found here .
This lecture is a contribution to the critical revision of canonized and instrumentalized mythologies of radical pedagogy and avant-garde art education.

Alongside this debunking of Black Mountain College, Beatriz Colomina’s lecture “The Perversions of the Bauhaus” at Haus der Kulturen der Welt must be mentioned as well, in which she “explores how the Bauhaus harbored deeply transgressive ideas and pedagogies.” [2]2
See Beatriz Colomina, “ Far from Being a Temple to Rationality, the Bauhaus Was a ‘Cauldron of Perversions,’” Metropolis, October 21, 2019 .

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