July 2021

Vinicius Marquet: Oneiric Maps

Blend&Bleed: On Transreality and Pervasive Play

In the “Oneiric Maps” workshop, Vinicius Marquet explored dreams using Twine, an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. [1]1
Dreams from the session can be found on Vinicius Marquet’s website: .
The project fostered the remediation of written language within networked and programmable environments by remembering, deconstructing, and rearranging dreamed experiences. Accompanying music included Brian Eno’s “Deep Blue Day” (1983) and Hans-Joachim Roedelius’s “Le Jardin” and “Rue fortune” (1979).

Vinicius Marquet is a designer, author, and researcher born in Mexico City in 1982. Vinicius has a master’s degree in digital culture and game design from University of the Arts, Utrecht, and The Open University, United Kingdom, with a specialty in digital storytelling from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatory, Ghent. He is currently a Doctor of Arts candidate in the Interactions Research Unit at KU Leuven. His work explores the mutation of written language in programming and connectivity environments. In 2017, he published Bucle: Archivo de ficciones, a hyperfiction based on the life and work of Ulises Carrión, with Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City. His e-book Anacron: Hypothesis of an All Product (2009) is part of the third collection of electronic literature by the Electronic Literature Organization.

Preview image: Vinicius Marquet, Vinis mother wearing Espectrito mask, 2021. Invitation for Oneiric Maps.

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