June 2021

Ruth Patir: Marry Fuck Kill

The Dividual

Ruth Patir’s two-channel installation of the 3D animation documentary Marry Fuck Kill from 2019 reimagines fertility goddesses from the Neolithic period as real life women. Up until the archaic period in Greece, life was female: fertility figurines in the shape of pregnant woman holding their breasts have been found throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean. Unlike the phallic conception of life as the linear inheritance and ancestry of oneness, they depict life as two to begin with and serve as objects to worship the carrying and sustaining of another life. The artist filmed herself and her mother using a motion capture suit and placed these recordings on figurines which she scanned from the vast archaeological collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. In this segment from the piece, we see them dancing at a rave in the desert to the song “Dala Dala” by singer-songwriter Noa (Achinoam Nini).

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