March 2021

Jan Van Oordt: Tuanaki

Corona Kino

The title Tuanaki refers to so-called “phantom islands,” groups of islands that have inexplicably disappeared from the map. This video combines footage from a residency in the Jura region of Switzerland (a place strongly marked by the consequences of deindustrialization) with sound footage from the underground movie Blondes in the Jungle and a narrative written and spoken by artist-in-residence Cassidy Toner. The water sculpture’s splashing, the search for the hidden fountain of youth, and bathtubs that are transformed into Mary statue alcoves use détournement and ready-mades to reflect on hygiene as a biopolitical force, the status of objects, and the role of cultural production in a social threshold situation.

Jan Van Oordt, Tuanaki, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 6 mins 10 secs.

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