Rescuing Exploited and Abused Migrant Workers in the UK

From Imaging Dissent: Towards Becoming a Common Subject

Marissa Begonia is the coordinator of The Voice of Domestic Workers, an organization in the UK fighting to change the visa law that ties migrant domestic workers to their employers. The organization also supports domestic workers who escape from abusive situations, and provides educational and community activities for domestic workers, including English language lessons, drama and art classes, and employment advice. Werker Collective has a long-standing relationship with The Voice of Domestic Workers, which plays an important role in the Domestic Worker Photographer Network, an ever-growing online archive of amateur photography that aims to generate a collective and political representation of domestic space for constant improvement and study. The Voice of Domestic Workers and Werker Collective have together generated (amateur) images, posters, pamphlets, and other printed matter dedicated to fighting for the ratification of ILO convention 189 worldwide, which will implement measures that protect (migrant) domestic workers from violence. Domestic work is the basis of all work and deserves respect and recognition.

January 9, 2020

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Werker Collective