Haim Bodek: Making the Black Box Speak: Towards a renegade aesthetics of resolution

From Our Shifting Ground Is Written in the Cloud

This performative lecture took place on October 25, 2018 in Vienna, Austria as part of the event series “The Future of Demonstration,” Season 2. Automated finance expert and whistle-blower Haim Bodek explains that “the black box must remain black” to retain structural favor for the few, so that “details are hidden in deliberate complexity.” Bodek reveals that what is considered innovation by high-frequency traders is really asymmetric information or simply a scam. Bodek recalls the events that compelled him to whistle-blow to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which eventually ordered stock exchange operator BATS Global Markets to pay a record-setting fine of $14 million for obscuring certain orders for high-frequency trades. The video concludes with a motet composed by Volkmar Klien with the vocal ensemble Christine Gnigler, Lorina Vallaster, and Joachim Rigler.

“The Future of Demonstration” is an art series created by Gerald Nestler and Sylvia Eckermann that “explores the technopolitical, pedagogical and aesthetic potentials of demonstration as means to imagine, collect, share, and manifest narratives, techniques, and affiliations of resistance.” [footnote “The Future of Demonstration” .] Gerald Nestler is an artist and author who explores the derivative condition of contemporary social relations and its models, technologies, operations, narratives, and fictions. Sylvia Eckermann is an artist investigating our entanglement as individuals in current socioeconomic situations. All of the episodes of Season 2 can be found here.

October 10, 2019

The Future of Demonstration

Curated by

João Enxuto and Erica Love