CAConrad: Rituals for Poetry

From Watershed Ways

CAConrad’s poetry often derives from deep listening: registrations of absent sounds, vibrations that no longer move the world. In EcoDeviance: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness, Conrad exercises twenty-three poetry rituals intended to tune in to those hard-to-hear, often invisible, wildnernesses within the body, city, and present. In one ritual pulled by lunar cycles and loss, “The Hall of the Decommissioned Pantheon,” Conrad shares words with families on a busy street in Asheville, North Carolina, about the protective power of Queer Bubbles that “will help rid the world of homophobia, misogyny, racism.”1 They invite us to stop worrying about the future in such an endangered present.

1 CAConrad, “POWER SISSY INTERVENTION #1: Queer Bubbles A (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual & Resulting Poem.” See: .

September 14, 2019

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Curated by

Clare Butcher