Katarina Zdjelar: AAA (Mein Herz)

From Mercurial States

Katarina Zdjelar’s artistic practice often engages with the embodiment of linguistic processes; palimpsests of a broken continuum of cultural and social codes, ideologies, pedagogies, and political persuasions. AAA (Mein Herz), an excerpt of which is shown here, is a single-shot video work showing a young woman simultaneously performing four compositions. Each time her song is interrupted, it continues seamlessly in another place, moving through diverse temporalities and moods. As the singer’s face becomes a battleground on which the competing tempos, rhythm, languages, and styles play out, the corporeality of her voice is foregrounded. Best viewed in an exhibition context, this video work reaches the viewer’s body at every sensory level, demanding a response in its own embodied language.

August 28, 2019

Curated by

Lucy Cotter