Angela Anderson and Angela Melitopoulos: Unearthing Disaster I

From Up Close: Moving People, Changing Climate

Melitopoulos and Anderson have been following and recording the destruction of the ancient landscape of Halkidiki in Northern Greece at the hands of Eldorado Gold for two years in two films. Both accompany local activists on a journey that leads them from a struggle to protect a familiar cultural and geographical landscape through its gradual disaggregation and sacrifice to industrial capitalist resource extraction. As filmmakers and activists drive on, time unfolds through moving landscapes of impending ecological disaster, a never-ending documentation of what has been lost, of violent police repression of local protests, and of the inability of successive governments to stop the destruction—their will hampered by the economic crisis engulfing Greece and the strictures of its creditors. Like most of Melitopoulos’s work, the films are powerful and confrontational, and they manage to connect strands of economic, social, and political systems through their manifestations in micro-realities, their consequences for lives, and their multitudes of encounters both intimate and desperate. What seems incredible is the capacity of the film and of the filmmakers to create links and substantial encounters on so many levels, with so many people struggling through massive ecological and cultural destruction in the name of profit.

Melitopoulos tells multilayered stories that question how we live in relation to geography, or rather what is between geography and our minds. Her work suggests new possibilities for thinking the politics of migration, and refuses subject-object, nature-culture divisions. “How can we understand the expression of landscape as knowledge, as a changing and speaking entity within our contemporary production of subjectivity? How does a media practice of cinematic mapping relate to the idea of a machinic animism, and how can we understand it as a ‘migrant work’?”

Unearthing Disaster II can be found here.

November 8, 2018

Radio Schizoanalytique

Curated by

Céline Condorelli