Hank Bull and Alex Muir: Cross Cultural Television

From A tear forms along the seam

In this talk held in conjunction with the exhibition Muntadas: Entre/Between at the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Daina Augaitis, artist Hank Bull reflects upon his contribution to Infermental, the “first international magazine on videocassettes,” which was initiated in 1980 by Gábor and Vera Bódy. Eleven issues were published between 1980 and 1991, each guest-edited by artists from different cities worldwide. From Vancouver, Bull edited the sixth edition of Infermental, titled The New World Edition: A Video Map of the World, which included the special editorial feature Cross-Cultural Television (1987), his collaboration with Muntadas in the form of a global comparative analysis of broadcast TV news. An examination of the historical legacy and contemporary relevance of Infermental can be found in the publication A Detour Around Infermental, edited by George Clark, Dan Kidner, and James Richards, which followed an exhibition at the Focal Point Gallery in 2010.

December 3, 2017

Vancouver Art Gallery

Curated by

Jacob Korczynski

About the curator

Jacob Korczynski is an independent curator based in Toronto and the editor of Andrew James Paterson's Collection/Correction (Kunstverein Toronto & Mousse Publishing).