January 17, 2023

Movement Lab fellowship program

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Courtesy of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) seeks to fill two grant-funded positions in its recently inaugurated Movement Lab, a cross-disciplinary center for the creative study of movement housed within the Film/Animation/Video (FAV) department.

The Movement Lab Fellowship program supports postgraduate work that explores movement at the intersection of language, identity, cultures, ecosystems and/or peoples. Project proposals for the program are open to recent graduates (MFA, MA, PhD or its equivalent) from a broad range of movement-engaged disciplines including, but not limited to, the expanded fields of animation, filmmaking, immersive arts, performance, game arts, dance, puppetry, robotics and kinetic sculpture. Selected fellows will spend the nine-month term focused on their independent creative work and developing a RISD course with the guidance of FAV faculty.

“Movement crosses every boundary and provides unique insights across cultures, races, ethnicities, species, continents, landforms and even simply between two people trying to understand each other,” says FAV Department Head Amy Kravitz.

Future projects might explore such questions as: How are gestures incorporated, even unconsciously, by social groups? Do people adapt the rhythms of breathing when they are together, or mimic each other’s gestures? How does visualized movement affect the bodies of people who are unable to move?

Complete applications received on or before February 15, 2023 will be given first consideration, and applicants will be notified in the spring. For more information and to apply for the fellowship, visit here.

About Rhode Island School of Design
RISD (pronounced “RIZ-dee”) is a creative community founded in 1877 in Providence, Rhode Island. Today, we enroll 2,620 students hailing from 59 countries. Led by a committed faculty, they are engaged in 44 full-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and supported by a worldwide network of over 31,000 alumni who demonstrate the vital role artists and designers play in today’s society.

Beyond facts and figures, what is the spirit of this community? Through a cross-disciplinary curriculum of studio-based learning and rigorous study in the liberal arts, RISD students are encouraged to develop their own personal creative processes, but they are united by one guiding principle: in order to create, one must question. In cultivating expansive and elastic thinking, RISD seeks to activate a critical exchange that empowers artists, designers and scholars to generate and challenge the ideas that shape our world. RISD’s mission, at both the college and museum, is not only to educate students and the public in the creation and appreciation of works of art and design, but to transmit that knowledge and make global contributions.

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