January 4, 2023

MFA, Certificate & Virtual Certificate

New York Studio School

MFA I candidate at work in the studio on 8th Street, New York, New York

The New York Studio School welcomes applicants for fall 2023: MFA, Certificate & Virtual Certificate. Apply by January 15, 2023, to join a community of dedicated artists for full-time study in drawing, painting, and sculpture. The Studio School was founded in 1964 with an emphasis on artists learning from artists; working from perception during extensive studio sessions; and the pursuit of drawing as the most direct means of describing one’s ideas or experiences.

The Studio School’s two-year MFA, three-year Certificate and Virtual Certificate programs immerse aspiring artists in a rigorous sequence of courses and programs to deepen their philosophical, technical, and experiential expertise in their chosen area of study. Each semester begins with the School’s signature two-week Marathon, followed by twelve weeks of coursework and independent studio work, bolstered by: the School’s Evening Lecture Series and weekly seminar, professional practice and studio techniques workshops, one-on-one faculty guidance, group critiques, exhibition opportunities, sessions with visiting artists, and faculty-guided trips to the museums, galleries and artist studios of New York City and beyond. Led by internationally distinguished artists and dedicated teachers, the School’s experiential pedagogy encourages students to work hard and think searchingly, establishing ethical and philosophical frameworks for their life’s work.

Across programs and disciplines, the Studio School values faith in the great language of art and its power to change one’s life; a culture of intensity, integrity, involvement; and a commitment to fostering a community of excellence and inclusivity where all members can thrive. A wide range of generous scholarships are available: all admitted students who seek financial aid receive some form support.

The Studio School’s Master of Fine Arts degree is designed to foster an awakened imagination; a dedicated work habit; and a direct ambition for artistic production. The 60-credit curriculum prioritizes a range of intensive studio classes in the first year and shifts to focus on the development of personal vision during the second year of study. The Critical Studies seminar explores a range of practical approaches and culminates in a written thesis paper and Thesis Exhibition. Enrollment is limited to fifteen MFA candidates per cohort each academic year.

Certificate & Virtual Certificate:
The Studio School’s Certificate Programs offer an invaluable opportunity for artists to experience the School’s learning-through-making pedagogy, supportive faculty guidance, and a variety of classes rooted in perceptual study. The three-year program culminates in the Certificate Completion Exhibition. Artists can begin in either the fall or spring semester and have the flexibility to switch between attending in-person or virtually on a semester-by-semester basis. The newly established Virtual Certificate enables artists to join from their respective locations around the world.

Visit us:
Experience the unique culture and spaces of the Studio School by touring our studios in-person or via a virtual meeting with Recruitment & Public Outreach Officer Erin Hinz, ehinz [​at​]

“The School is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the student with a deep involvement in the desire to be an artist, an intensity of temperament and vision, and an integrity of purpose. It is for those who like to work rigorously, think smart and keenly, and those who are prepared to look hard and long in order to see. A true student is always ‘looking’; a real artist begins to see. [...] The New York Studio School is a place where the power of images is still searched for, the philosophy of drawing still present, and the quest for tangible form still engaged. We believe in the strength of art and its ability to change one’s life.” —Graham Nickson, Dean

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