December 9, 2022

Exhibitions: This is reality: Master Fine Art 2022 Graduation Exhibition: Piet Zwart Institute

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Kate Price, placing the seed, disssspersing the seeds ~ a composition of toings and froings, 2022. Stoneware and bisque fired ceramics, watercolor and acrylic on paper in artist-made pine frame, “Rotterdam Plants” from Botanische tuin Afrikaanderwijk installed in Gemeente Rotterdam plantbox outside gallery, artist-made pine benches, single-channel video, digital prints on paper, artist stickers, artist book, compost, plants, seeds and objects on holiday from the PZI communal garden and artist’s studio, dimensions variable. Photo: Steven Maybury.

Madeleine Ruggi, Fast communications over long distances, 2022. Digital print on folded aluminum, 34 × 30 × 6 cm. Photo: Steven Maybury.

Samboleap Tol, Dharma Songs, 2022. Tin pots, flowers, documents, textiles, dried fruits, MIDI controller, speaker, and electric wires, dimensions variable. Photo: Thomas Picauly.

María José Crespo, A set of conditions constantly being updated, 2022. Copper mesh, plaster, acrylic, lightbox, digital print, copper foil, metal pipes, ceramic, wood, and paper maché, 500 × 500 cm. Photo: Steven Maybury.

Andrea Celeste La Forgia, 2022, This art here is about other people’s art, via the detour of “work.” Or, the unpaid break dialogues. Performed by Andrea Celeste La Forgia, Silvia Arenas, Niloufar Nematollahi, Sarah Aztori, Tiago Santos, and Linus Bonduelle. Photo: Steven Maybury.

This is reality: Master Fine Art 2022 Graduation Exhibition: Piet Zwart Institute

This is reality and it was but a chat away

A real chat is hard to come by. Trust is in short supply. But trust is needed to get a chat going, and let it generate what may qualify as social reality.

Reality is trembling. Where desire, grief, and power are at stake, many demons populate society, pulling people together and apart. Orange letters rub up against their lavender grounds in Oliver Doe’s large canvases, boldly making viewers’ retinas vibrate as performers lingering nearby signal, to whom it appeals, a readiness to engage in the poetry of clandestinely scripted encounters. Seeds, plants, clay plate poetry for garden beds, and fermented vegetable paintings are elements Kate Price offers up as tokens of trust, inspiring a commitment to fostering future ecologies. In her paintings and videos, Shertise Solano summons the multidimensional beings her grandmother in Curaçao still knew how to converse with, and who, channeled afresh, voice unaccounted traumata and limitless powers arising from the recollected history of Black families.

Places of encounter are ripe with tensions. Grazia Gallo trusts sculpture to rebuild a sense of a home, where generations clash, as the family improvises in close quarters a state-imposed architecture of social housing, to keep spirits up, and claim dignity in everyday matters. María José Crespo takes you to the Tijuana border, and in her sculptural environments makes you feel the intensities governing a strip of land where police lights color reality red and blue on CCTV, and paths are blocked, but the will to get by asserts itself with full defiance. Meanwhile, at the Metal Exchange all things solid melt into air with a flick of a trader’s hand, as Madeleine Ruggi shows. Her installation portrays how capital puts its spell on materials, and turns heavy scrap into currency flowing through Rotterdam harbor. Tracking the current makeover of port-city real estate, Emma van Noort messes with the building blocks of model architecture: her sculptures scramble its vocabulary and recast it in the spirit of high precision slapstick engineering.

Stories build worlds. Xiaofeini Liu calls a universe into being with few objects and words, as she recounts the fate of a Mice Folk leaving their Salt Marshes in search of a Sugar Book, a taste of which was prophesied to bring bliss. Universities, like factories, once promised a future. In her paintings and performance, Andrea Celeste La Forgia commemorates the toll workers pay when that promise is broken, and the mill of wage labor grinds away time and health. La Forgia paints from photos her mother sends of her factory work, and relays her stories of everyday sabotage. A better life cannot be built unless communal mourning prepares the ground. In this key Samboleap Tol addresses displacement and death, yet also parenting and spiritual practice in her paintings and sound installation. After colonial modernities have destroyed and uprooted countless lives, she observes, restless spirits abound who must be engaged for justice to come. Across multidimensional realities, liaising with ghosts can be done, says Tol: Chat with them daily!

—Jan Verwoert

Curated by Kim de Haas.

Featuring Andrea Celeste La Forgia, María José Crespo, Oliver Doe, Grazia Gallo, Xiaofeini Liu, Emma van Noort, Kate Price, Madeleine Ruggi, Shertise Solano, and Samboleap Tol.

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