December 14, 2022

Postdoctoral position and upcoming programs

School of Arts at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto

berru, fictional grounds, 2022. Photo: Luísa Fernandes.

Jazmín López, If I Was Winter Itself (still), 2019.

Postdoctoral position—New Media Art
The Research Centre of Science and Technology of Arts—CITAR, integrated at the School of Arts, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, announces the opening of a position of a postdoctoral researcher in the scientific area of New Media Art. The researcher will be integrated into a lively context of artistic-based research activity and cultural agenda, which combines conferences, exhibitions, screening series, editorial work, a Summer School, and other research-related activities (such as reading groups and research meetings). The researcher will be located in Porto, a cultural, international, and diverse city.

The selected researcher will perform activities in the context of the focus-area Sound and New Media Art, fostering research on contemporary artistic practices in these two connected fields, putting in practice research projects and activities that can foster those goals, namely by working together with the other researchers on mapping and develop strategies for artistic-related outputs with a technological base, with a focus on improving and innovating artistic-based research in the field of New Media Art.

The School of Arts offers degrees in New Media Art, Sound Design, Cinema, Animation, Photography, Creative Industries, and Conservation-Restoration. The Research Center is divided into three main research focus: Sound & New Media Art, Cinema and Visual Arts, and Heritage and Conservation-Restoration.

The application should be submitted on our website until January 31, 2023. Official announcement here / Apply here.

Porto Summer School On Art & Cinema 2023—Party Studies
July 3–7, 2023
As places of alternative and temporary communities, parties are, through history—at least since the 1960s civic and sexual revolutions and countercultures—central to our communal living. They are places of resistance—we may think of the punk and rock’n’roll movements—to the official or traditional culture, and places of otherness. Parties are, therefore, a place of other subjectivities, in which the subject multiplies itself to the many “others”. Parties are also the background for the gay movement and the LGBTQIA+ new epistemology of being. So, performance, community, sharing, body, and the senses are all at play in the concept of party. In this edition, we seek to study (and practice) the PARTY, as a concept for change and for cultivating otherness, in a world in which conservative agendas are threatening the necessary and radical transformation of our democratic and civic societies. Maybe, partying will help us to see and play that radical transformation.

The Porto Summer School on Art & Cinema is a week-long activity aimed at students and artists who want to foster their knowledge of contemporary artistic practices. It is composed of morning and afternoon workshops, given by artists and scholars, and evening events around the city of Porto.

Confirmed artists, directors and performers: Carla Filipe + Post Brothers, Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca, Marie de Brugerolle + Jazmín Lopez, Teatro Praga, Piny and guests, and more to be announced.

Participant applications: May 31, 2023 / General fee: 500 Euros / Detailed info here.

Spring seminar 2023—On Montage
May 10-12, 2023
This year's Spring Seminar will discuss montage as a decisive strategy for the arts and philosophy, from modernity to the present. The use of montage has become a way of breaking with the traditional claim of theoretical completeness or beautiful aesthetic harmony, making it clear that it is more about assembling fragments than totalizing an absolute truth. Thus, montage opens a different way for conceiving knowledge and political practice, from its roots in the 18th-century fragmentary philosophy of German Romanticism to the vanguardist approaches of Godard, Braque and Caetano Veloso and the cutting and sampling of contemporary DJs and music producers.

Call for papers: we welcome proposals on different areas of research and artistic practices that think about montage in art, cinema, criticism, philosophy, curatorship, and culture production in general.

Call for papers: February 17, 2023 / Detailed info here.

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