November 23, 2022

ELIA Academy 2023: Exploring Situatedness


Courtesy of University of Évora, School of the Arts. 

ELIA Academy 2023 invites you to situate yourself in the city of Évora. Explore the situatedness of this culture, heritage and place. Experience Portugal's Alentejo plain as a confluence of complex interwoven histories and artistic sensibilities. Bring your own perspectives and engage with this celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site as arts educators, students, practitioners and professionals. Reflect on how art is created now and how it is defining its value for the future. Take a moment to consider your place in time and space, and share what situatedness means to you.

ELIA Academy host, University of Évora, School of the Arts beckons you towards this unique hinterland which calls for contemplation, specific interpretations and responses. Here, you will adjust to a particular form of slow living. Allow yourself to decelerate and experience the landscape as education. Together, let us aim to explore new learnings that will inform our work environments, teaching practices, research and artistic investigations. Take this opportunity at ELIA Academy 2023 to reflect on the past and present as we forge new futures together. Read our call for contributions.

Discover new ways of transforming artistic practices, research and education grounded in the theory of "situatedness". Understand how we see and live in the world differently based on our past experiences and understanding of artistic, cultural and social contexts. Advance arts education, and pave new ways to build its future digitally, equitably, and sustainably. Define and promote sustainability in arts education. Step away from the hectic pace of present-day life and boost your creativity and well-being while challenging the established principles of today's education structures.

Call for contributions
The Academy Steering Group invites ELIA member colleagues from all artistic disciplines to engage with the theme, Exploring Situatedness. Contribute to an experiential, inspiring and memorable programme. You are encouraged to explore the idea of situatedness and associated contexts, expressions and relationships pertaining to higher arts education. Read the call for contributions. Submit your application here. Deadline for applications: December 19, 2022.

ELIA Academy 2023 is hosted by University of Évora, School of the Arts.

About ELIA
ELIA is a globally connected European network founded in 1990 that provides a dynamic platform for exchange and development in higher arts education across all artistic disciplines. ELIA members are art universities, academies, and arts faculties of larger universities. For more than 30 years, it has facilitated conversations among 285 members in 52 countries, comprising more than 300,000 students across multiple disciplines, through the organisation of conferences, online events, interactive peer learning, and joint projects with its members, often funded by the European Union. ELIA's main objectives are to: strengthen the position of higher arts education; support the free development of education in the arts; promote the arts as a central contributor to social and economic development; and encourage cultural diversity and foster communication between cultures. Everything that ELIA does is grounded in ten strategic priorities chosen by the members for 2020–2024.

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