November 21, 2022

Continuing education info event & winter workshops

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Deepen your knowledge and skills in the field of art, design and education by signing into the professional continuing education programmes at the Basel Academy of Art and Design.

The Basel Academy of Art and Design offers a broad continuing education programme including an international Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) as well as two Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) and various Summer and Winter Workshops with compact inputs. The online info event on the continuing education programme at the Basel Academy of Art and Design will take place on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 from 5pm on. Zoom link here.

The offer is addressed to all who are interested in the latest findings and experimental approaches in the artistic-creative field and who are looking for an exchange on a professional level. The event will focus on the programme of the current winter workshops 2023, which can be attended individually or loosely combined into a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS).

The total of 18 winter workshops will be held in English or German and will take place between January 23 and February 23, 2023 at our Institutes Arts and Design Education (IADE), Contemporary Design Practices (ICDP), Digital Communication Environments (IDCE) and Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM).

Programme winter workshops 2023
Decolonizing Digital Archives January 23–27, 2023 / Moving Graphics January 23–27, 2023 / Combining Typefaces January 30–February 3, 2023 / Sculptural Design January 30–February 3, 2023 / Videodocumentation and Narration January 30–February 3, 2023 / From Experience to Art February 6–8, 2023 / Editorial Design and Publishing February 6–10, 2023 / Generative AR Posters February 6–10, 2023 / Speak Up and Lead February 8–10, 2023 / Variable Fonts February 13–17, 2023 / Drawing as Reflection February 13–17, 2023 / Digital Gaming Culture February 13–17, 2023 / Business Models and Services for the Circular Economy February 13–17, 2023 / Circular Architecture February 13–17, 2023 / Between Images. Visual Deep Learning for the Arts February 13–17, 2023 / Digital Identities February 15–16, 2023 / Immersive Video Collages February 16–20, 2023 / Immersive Environments Februray 20–23, 2023.

The deadline for registration for the various workshops is December 16, 2022.

About studying at Basel Academy of Art and Design
The Basel Academy of Art and Design is linked with other universities and academies, in Switzerland and abroad. Ties with renowned schools and universities in Europe, the United States, and Asia provide an opportunity to study your subject from a different viewpoint and against a new cultural background. At the same time, the Academy welcomes candidates from other Swiss universities and from abroad to study here in Basel. You will find more information here.

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