October 31, 2022

SCAD Lacoste Promenade de Sculptures

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Courtesy of SCAD Lacoste.

SCAD is thrilled to debut La Promenade de Sculptures, a new permanent installation of 10 large-scale works at the university’s international location, SCAD Lacoste, an imaginative center for the study of art and design in the idyllic Provence region of southern France. Curated by SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace and SCAD Chief Operating Officer Glenn Wallace, and organized by SCAD Museum of Art associate curator Ben Tollefson, La Promenade de Sculptures opened to the public following a formal dedication, Sunday, October 16, hosted by President Wallace. The university invites students, visitors, and residentsof the region to admire these imaginative works, embodying the ingenuity of the university’s global network of artists.

“A love letter to Provence writ large, SCAD Lacoste’s new Promenade de Sculptures debuted this fall in the picturesque Luberon Valley," says SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace. "This new collection of contemporary sculpture—including works by ten student, alumni, and faculty artists—is curated and presented by SCAD: The International University for Creative Professions in celebration of 20 years of SCAD Lacoste. The public is cordially invited to tour our magnificent La Promenade.”

The unveiling of La Promenade de Sculptures concluded an expertly curated year-long series of events and exhibitions honoring SCAD Lacoste’s milestone 20th year and celebrating its prominence as the epicenter of cultural enrichment in the region. As the globally recognized leader in heritage conservation, preservation, and adaptive reuse, SCAD has been heralded over the course of two decades for its heroic efforts reviving the ancient village and reestablishing Lacoste as an idyllic and inspirational haven for artists. Numerous works featured in La Promenade de Sculptures pay homage to the beauty and magic of the region, with many of the artists drawing from personal experiences and journeys in Lacoste.

Following the formal dedication, the cobblestone streets of SCAD Lacoste were enlivened by a Second Line parade, prior to a gospel performance by the university’s elite vocal ensemble, the SCAD HoneyBees, and a celebratory brunch at Café Beauregard. The ten SCAD artists commissioned for La Promenade de Sculptures were present for the occasion to unveil their works and engage with students, visitors, and residents. The weekend also featured cabaret performances by the SCAD HoneyBees at Theatre du SCAD.

Featured works include:
Justin W. Archer (b. 1989, Atlanta, Georgia, USA), SCAD sculpture professor. En Plein Air, 2022. Bronze. / Ashley Benton (b. 1968, Atlanta, Georgia, USA), BFA painting 1990. When they asked her “why?,” Odile thought about it and replied, “why not?,” and the lock on her heart opened, 2022. Bronze. / Milan Bhullar (b. 1990, Pune, India), MFA furniture design. Transfiguration, 2022. Stainless steel. / Bradley L. Bowers (b. 1986, Dallas, Texas, USA), MA furniture design 2012; BFA industrial design 2010. Ooma, 2022. 3D-printed bioplastic. / Carla Contreras (b. 1991, Quito, Ecuador), MFA painting 2020. Harmonie, 2022. Steel and automotive paint. / Kendall Glover (b. 1987, Richmond, Virginia, USA), BFA fibers, 2009. Tectonic Arch, 2022. Powder-coated steel and Corten steel. / Andrew Herzog (b. 1990, Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA), MA graphic design 2013; BFA graphic design, 2012. HERE/ICI, 2022. Semi-polished aluminum. / Melissa Richardson (b. 2002, Austin, Texas, USA), BFA fashion. Star-Crossed, 2022. Silicon bronze. / Wendy White (b. 1971, Deep Water, Connecticut, USA), BFA fibers 1993. Raincloud (Neon Signs on Overcast Days), 2022. Aluminum, steel, and automotive paint. / Justin Zielke (b. 1989, Wichita, Kansas, USA). MFA animation 2017. Nuance in Repetition, 2022. Bronze.

For more information about the Promenade de Sculptures and other SCAD Lacoste 20th anniversary events, visit here.

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