October 14, 2022

Exhibitions: Absolutely Maybe: Bard MFA Class of 2023 Thesis Exhibition: Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College

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NIC Kay, RENEGADE (Wait Go Uh), 2022. Three-part presentation: performance, site-responsive sculpture, and installation. Photo: NIC Kay.

Nele Jäger, Tender Cracks, 2022. Cut cloth (two hands holding an eye and the letter N), water, and pigmented plaster. Photo: Nele Jäger.

Anthony Almendárez, Hello My Name Is ___ Vol. 2, 2022. Six-channel video, four-channel, and audio. Performers: Anthony Almendárez (trumpet), Sonia Flores (double bass), Danielle Gibson (synthesizer), Andrew Martinez (guitar), and Gabriel Martinez (percussion). Videographers: Francis Almendárez, Brenda Edith Franco, Brandon Tho Harris, Ryan Hawk, Karen Martinez, and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy. Photo: Chris Kendall.

Rory Rosenberg, A Life Spans, As You Grow. A Solar Grid is a Promise, 2022. Various paintings with acrylic, copper, Miracle Gro, oil, and resin on canvas and linen. Photo: Russell Barsanti.

Mehves Lelic, ESMD, 2022. Inkjet prints on baryta, dimensions variable. Photo: Chris Kendall.

Woojae Kim, I am porous. And I am moved by you, 2022. Makgeolli made from local microbes, handmade bricks, ceramic pieces from local clay, and cooking supplies. Photo: Chris Kendall.

Absolutely Maybe: Bard MFA Class of 2023 Thesis Exhibition: Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College

The Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College (Bard MFA) presents “Absolutely Maybe,” the thesis exhibition of the class of 2023. “Absolutely Maybe” brings together works by candidates in the disciplines of film and video, music and sound, painting, photography, sculpture, and writing.

The process of making art, in essence, boils down to decision-making. The title of this year’s exhibition, “Absolutely Maybe,” considers the tumultuous and often anxiety-ridden nature of this process: the beauty and absurdity of what it means for artists to insist on creating new worlds through their art within the polarity of uncertainty and necessity.

The Bard MFA thesis exhibition features work by MFA candidates Sarah Abarbanel, Anthony Almendárez, Namrata Arjun, Russell Barsanti, Samuel Lang Budin, Bastien Gachet, Cochemea Gastelum, Nele Jäger, Woojae Kim, NIC Kay, Kricket Lane, Mehves Lelic, Lucy Lie, Bleue Liverpool, Alonso Llerena Carrasco, Ulrik López, Thomas Mader, May Marei مي مرعيّ, Sasha McEvoy, Funto Omojola, Charlie Perez-Tlatenchi, Rory Rosenberg, Andrew Rubin, Ginevra Shay, Yanik Wagner, Tin Wai Wong, Christopher Yuda, and ricky sallay zoker.

The thesis exhibition is coordinated by Isis Awad (MA ’17), a graduate of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College (CCS Bard). Awad is a writer, curator, and poet from Cairo living in New York City. She is the founding director of Executive Care*, an art organization at the service of unrepresented artists from performance and nightlife communities.

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