May 11, 2022

Next Day Soup

Yale School of Art

Lucas Yasunaga, the stay - practice wear - formation 1 charge - Zone 0 - transport, 2022. 441 Solar powered electronic bugs - "sticky bug", practice wear made of chainmail, the carrier. Photo: Jackie Furtado.

Jannick Deslauriers, Carousel (detail)2022. Steel, beeswax, tulle, encaustic pigments. Photo: Jackie Furtado.

Riley Duncan, welcome to the worlld, 2022. Installation view. Photo: Jackie Furtado.

Pap Souleye Fall, DP AA TR, 2022. Cardboard, wood, greenscreen, brown paper bag, nerds, lemon, glue, clamps, peanuts, franc CFA, calabash, red clay, matches, matchbox. Photo: Jackie Furtado.

Cristóbal Gracia. Dreams of a baroque totality, 2022, installation view. Copper pipes, copper fittings and connections, solder wire, solder paste, plaster, plasticine, polystyrene, Caproni Grotesque Tiles 1–3 fragmented, figures of fake mesoamerican figurine from the Albers collection of Pre-Columbian art fragmented, copper engraving plates with ink leftovers, engraving prints on cotton paper, copper nails, drywall. Photo: Jackie Furtado.

Erik Nilson. Drogue, 2022. Drift log with rusted steel inclusions, found wood, fiberglass, total boat epoxy resin, 18’ sunfish parts, rusted crankshaft (unknown origin), aluminum composite panel, dried citrus fruits, caltrops, barnacles, plant matter, hoses from abandoned building, 192 x 45 x 90". Photo: Jackie Furtado.

Jannick Deslauriers, Riley Duncan, Pap Souleye Fall, Cristóbal Gracia, Erik Nilson, Lucas Yasunaga.

Next Day Soup, the 2022 graduate thesis show in Sculpture, was open from March 28–April 5, 2022 to the Yale community, and featured the work of Jannick Deslauriers, Riley Duncan, Pap Souleye Fall, Cristóbal Gracia, Erik Nilson, and Lucas Yasunaga.

Cooking is a process of putting things together and applying heat or time or acidity to change the default nature of those ingredients into something greater than the sum of its parts. Sometimes, you follow a recipe and go to the grocery store to pick out exactly what you need to achieve your culinary goal and yet it ends up fussy, overdetermined, lacking poise. Other times, you scrape something together with what's left in the pantry and somehow it gracefully hits the mark. There's not necessarily rhyme or reason, but you have to eat something, so it's best to just get cooking.

The six of us did not necessarily choose to be here with another. It would be wrong to say our exhibition walked a certain discursive tight rope or made a broader statement in regards to the times or even closed the distances between the places we each come from. Nevertheless, being in the same bowl for this long, parts of us mingled, seeped, solidified into what you could think of as no longer solely one of us, but a collective residue of our time percolating together.

The Yale School of Art’s annual MFA thesis exhibitions are the culmination of two years of intensive artistic development, showcasing the results of a studio-based education that stresses the significance of critical practice. In keeping with the university’s COVID safety guidelines, the physical installation of the spring 2022 MFA thesis shows are on view only to current members of the Yale community in the school’s Green Hall Gallery. Information pertaining to Next Day Soup can be accessed in the school’s developing exhibitions archive.

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The Yale School of Art provides students with intellectually informed, hands-on instruction in the practice of an array of visual arts media within the context of a liberal arts university. As a part of the first institution of higher learning to successfully integrate a studio-based education into such a broad pedagogical framework, the Yale School of Art has a long and distinguished history of training artists of the highest caliber. A full-time faculty of working artists in conjunction with a diverse cross-section of accomplished visiting artists collaborate to design a program and foster an environment where the unique talents and perspectives of individual students can emerge and flourish.

The school currently offers graduate degrees, and undergraduate-level art courses to Yale College students, in the areas of graphic design, painting/printmaking, photography, and sculpture.

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