March 23, 2022

Appeal from LNAA

Lviv National Academy of Arts (LNAA)

Courtesy Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Dear friends,

We express our sincere thanks to everyone who is sending us support and assistance from all over the world. Since the first day of this war the number one priority of the Lviv National Academy of Art has been the safety of our students. Thanks to art academies and universities in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Switzerland we have already sent 115 students from our Academy to academic exchange programs. Over one hundred students are awaiting decisions regarding their international studies this semester. We are very grateful to all the institutions who offered this opportunity and agreed to accept our students.

Today, we have one more request. We find ourselves at the threshold of a humanitarian crisis. Many Ukrainian refugees are traveling to Lviv. The situation in the city remains relatively calm as it is located close to the European Union border. The Lviv National Academy of Art has already accepted students and faculty from other art institutions, first of all from the cities of Kharkiv and Kyiv where the situation is extremely difficult. Many more are on their way to Lviv. We have already equipped our student dormitory and secured additional space for faculty. We ask our friends around the world to support our humanitarian activities to ensure the basic needs of those who are fleeing the horrors of war. Your donations will be used for medicine, food, household items, and other basic needs of the refugees.

You can support the Academy through transfers to the NGO “Center for Social Innovations” which has been our partner in many international projects. For details, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Thank you!

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