March 25, 2022

Launch of Graphic [···] Languages Master’s program

Haute école des arts du Rhin

Victoria Hermann, Désactivée. Situation triviale #1, 2021. Performance and installation. © Victoria Hermann.

Lyne Ea, Kauchim & Poe Divination, 2020. Digital posters & animation. © Lyne Ea.

Guilhem Prat, At the same time #6, 2021. Risography publication sent by post. © Guilhem Prat.

Yi-Chin Lai, No Name Yet — Geometric, Mimetic, Linear, type family, 2019. © Yi-Chin Lai.

Alice Ricci, RGB Love — Deep Fry. Tool. © Alice Ricci.

© Antoine Lejolivet/HEAR, 2021.

Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Master’s program in Strasbourg entitled Graphic [···] Languages and is now accepting applications for the 2022–23 academic year. In line with a long-established Master in Communication Design, this innovative two-year program aims to gather an international and diverse group of 12 students to explore and develop a critical discourse from all forms of written, computational, graphical and performed languages, within the expanded field of graphic design.

In order to be accessible to a broad range of students, classes will be taught in English. In addition to a good level in English, it is preferable that applicants have at least a basic knowledge of French.

Through a speculative, conceptual, and critical practice of graphic design, students are encouraged to develop their personal work and collective projects using diverse media, printed and digital, with a particular focus on their interactions, including coding and generative design. Every other year the department defines topics of research to investigate with the students during the length of the program. Theoretical questions address the most contemporary issues in the fields of visual studies, arts and design, including their political and societal aspects, keeping in mind the ever-changing tools, media and knowledge—and their use—in the digital and networks era.

The syllabus is constituted of courses, seminars, group and individual meetings and is punctuated by guest artists’ and designers’ lectures, talks, exhibitions, workshops and other events organized by the department. The department is also involved in many projects, including printed and digital publications, with various institutional partners for which first-year master’s students are directly involved.

Students must present during the fourth semester a written master’s thesis (in English or French) and a selection of works in front of a jury comprised of four professional and academic personalities.

The school is located in the student’s district of Krutenau in the heart of Strasbourg, close to the university and at walking distance from the main train station. Master’s students have access to all the school facilities which include traditional and digital printing, silkscreen, binding, wood shops, animation, video, digital labs, photo studio and lab, and more. The Master Graphic [···] Languages is part of the Communication Design department. HEAR offers many other programs in the fields of art, applied arts, communication and design which leads to multiple exchanges and collaboration between departments and students.

Core faculty
Yohanna My Nguyen (type and graphic designer; Master in Communication Design, Central Saint Martins College; Master Type & Media, KABK), Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié (graphic designer; Master of Fine Arts, California Institute of the Arts), Nina Støttrup Larsen [artist and graphic designer; Gerrit Rietveld Academy; Dutch Art Institute (DAI); Jan van Eyck Academy], a fourth core faculty member is in the process of being hired.

In addition, HEAR, together with the University of Strasbourg is working on the possibility of a dual degree program (partly in French). Please note that, application is in two steps, please contact us for further information.

The list of guests for 2022–23 is under construction. Past guests have included: David Bennewith, Frederik Berlaen, Sarah Garcin, Thomas Huot-Marchand, Indra Kupferschmid, James Langdon, Franck Leibovici, Anthony Masure, Fanette Mellier, Open Source Publishing, Tania Prill, Zahia Rahmani, Alice Savoie, Kristyan Sarkis/Arabic Typotheque, Mathias Schweizer, Yann Sérandour, Catherine de Smet.

For any questions, please contact:
T +33 3 69 06 37 84, coordination.comgraph [​at​]

Thank you!

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