February 2, 2022

Masterstudio Design: uniting four design master programmes

FHNW Academy of Art and Design

View of Next Generation Exhibition, Masterstudio Design, Basel, 2021.

Nicole Frei, EchoEcho,  2020. Courtesy the artist and Masterstudio Fashion Design.

Robert Zumkeller, Digital Resilience, 2020. Courtesy the artist and Masterstudio Experimental Design

Christoph Meyer, Lars Zinniker, Elias Kopp, vtree, 2019. Courtesy the artists and Masterstudio Industrial Design.

View of Designers Saturday, Masterstudio Scenography, Basel, 2018.

The Masterstudio Design stands for a space for experimentation, discourse, and production. The English-taught degree programme in Basel is a collaboration between four design masters. Students cooperate in transdisciplinary courses, projects, and workshops, which allow them to expand their knowledge, interests, and skills in an interdisciplinary and enterprising learning environment.

Additionally, students get to develop their disciplinary skills and work on their profile within their chosen programme:

Masterstudio Scenography
In the Masterstudio Scenography, complex, social, political, and ecological contents are translated into accessible spatial images and staged spaces with narrative qualities. Practices of scenographic design in the context of public, semi-public and private spaces are explored, and new narrative formats are developed that are positioned between installation, exhibition, performance, stage design, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Masterstudio Industrial Design
Masterstudio Industrial Design focuses on three main thematic areas: Circular Design, Digital Integration and Design Cultures. The programme’s applied research and design practices are rooted in the “Advanced Design” concept developed at the institute. Product design and project implementation are carried out in an international network which includes leading designers who have an influential role in their respective fields.

Masterstudio Experimental Design
The Masterstudio Experimental Design critically examines contemporary ways of living and aims at designing possible futures. A research-based engagement with current social and environmental challenges such as climate change, social inequality, migration, demographic change, and technological transformations of our live worlds is fundamental to the students' work. We translate a norm-critical, post-disciplinary and post-anthropocentric stance into experimental design practice.

Masterstudio Fashion Design
The degree programme founds on the holistic concept of “Doing Fashion”. Here fashion is understood as a cultural design practice that critically reflects on social change and drives it in a responsible and sustainable manner. “Doing Fashion” means engaging with this practice—in a radically different way, and based on viable vision of design and a conceptual footing in the contemporary fashion scene.

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