December 15, 2021

Spring semester MFA residency recipients

Syracuse University

Angelic Starkovic, Spheres, 2021.

Jared Leclaire, Garden of Forking Paths, 2020.

Declan Yert, Untitled, 2021.

Daisy Wiley, Venus Segmented, 2021.

Emily Kofsky, Dolphin, 2021.

The School of Art at Syracuse University is pleased to announce the spring 2022 semester residency recipients. Awarded to MFA students in the School of Art at Syracuse University, the semester-long professional development residencies provide recipients with studio space, housing, travel, resident faculty, and weekly visiting artists, with the residency culminating in an exhibition of their work. In the spring of 2022, the School of Art is sponsoring residencies in Los Angeles and Berlin, Germany.

Los Angeles: Turner Semester Residency
Now in its seventh year, the Turner Semester, generously sponsored by School of Art alumnus Marylyn Turner and her husband, Chuck Klaus, offers graduate students unparalleled access to the Southern California art scene. Living in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean, students are provided with studio space at Angels Gate Cultural Center while working with and having studio visits with leading artists in Los Angeles.

Recipients: Jared Leclaire, Angelica Starkovic, Declan Yert.

Berlin Semester Residency
Now in its sixth year, the Berlin Semester Residency offers an immersion into the art world of Berlin. With its plethora of independent, cooperative, and artist-run spaces, the Berlin Semester Residency enables students to develop and implement alternate means of engaging audiences and the public through innovative artistic strategies.

Recipients: Emily Kofsky, Daisy Wiley.

The School of Art at Syracuse University offers unique and exciting opportunities for students who are passionate and engaged with art in all of its diverse possibilities. The School of Art teaches the next generation of artists: those who are adventurous, complex, precocious, innovative, noisy, reflective, curious, socially conscious, and dedicated to a life in the visual arts. Visit our website for more information.

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