August 20, 2021

S+T+ARTS4Water residencies

LUCA School of Arts

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Water is life! All living things need water to survive. Not only does the human body consist of 60 percent water, but this resource is also essential for the production of food, clothing and computers, and for moving our waste stream and keeping the environment and us healthy. And yet, the way in which we approach this resource is not sustainable. For example, leaking sewers, industrial waste and reckless water consumption have a tremendous impact on local water maintenance. At the same time, the oceans and Europe’s waters are suffering wide-scale damage due to our water use, and specifically, to overfishing, the overexploitation of groundwater resources, tourist inflows, intensive agriculture and water-demanding industries.

These global challenges require systemic change and the setting into motion of the most profound creative process our generation has known. What is needed in a cross-sectoral approach that can rectify in a holistic manner, our relationship with the natural world, including with the world’s seas and oceans. Further, we must address social attitudes in order to systematically transform the way in which water is valued across business practices, policies, cultural beliefs and behaviour. Through this open call we want to kick-start a series of collaborative processes between artists, researchers and communities that generate projects to raise awareness and/or offer concrete solutions for regional water challenges in Europe.

We believe that artists are crucial in creating the right conditions for bringing out the best in people: imagination, wonder, culture, awareness, disruptive ideas, knowledge and opportunities. The aim of the residencies is for artists to engage the creative ecosystems of local companies, research institutions and communities in a collaborative process of art and innovation. This process can lead to tangible artworks that develop knowledge and raise awareness of water challenges, or to digital applications & processes that contribute to the local development of sustainable water use and management.

About the open call
S+T+ARTS4Water consortium
invites artists to apply for one of the ten residencies that are being launched by its European partners: LUCA School of Arts (Belgium) in collaboration with Gluon (Belgium), Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary—TBA21 (Austria), Universal Research Institute (Croatia) ,V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (The Netherlands), Ohi Pezoume/ UrbanDig Project (Greece) and Cittadellarte—Fondazione Pistoletto (Italy) and S+T+ARTS partner BOZAR—Centre for Fine Arts (Brussels).

This call is looking for artists to contribute to the sustainable management of water in a variety of ways through experimental use of and/or critical reflection on digital technologies. Can we rethink the paradigms that have guided water policy and investments to date through artistic practice and art-inspired thinking and by increasing the use of new technologies? How can technology become a collaborator in the development of new pathways rather than a mere solution? What is at stake in terms of how we experience, understand and value water systems?

Ten STARTS4Water residencies
Water is a global challenge that requires regional solutions. This is because the effects and consequences of water management can vary due to geography, infrastructure, climate and the impact of human activities on the environment. Through the STARTS4Water Expert program we have mobilised the regional network’s resources, experiences and know-how. Each partner has built an expert network that is highly diverse in terms of the origins, profession and background of its members, and includes digital experts, entrepreneurs, regional leading art and research institutions, specialists in digital transformation, administration and public governance. The STARTS4Water Experts have shaped an open call for ten regional water challenges, bringing together SDG6 + SDG14 interlinkages and potential breakthrough technologies around key local and regional challenges related to water management.

Discover all challenges here.

What do we offer?
Ten grants will be awarded. The budget for each residency is EUR 40,000, including artwork production and artist fee. Throughout the residencies, the STARTS4Water Consortium will offer the necessary expertise and support from ICT experts affiliated with research institutions, universities, university colleges, innovative companies and start-ups.

For more information on how to apply, please see here.

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