August 20, 2021

Launch of Bay Area school

Transformations of the Human

Pierre Huyghe, Exomind (Deep water), 2017. Concrete cast with wax hive, bee colony, orange tree (Daidai), plum tree (Tobiume descendant), plants, sand, stones, calico cat, ants, spider, butterfly, concrete pond with water lilies (Giverny descendant), koi fish, axolotl and insects. Courtesy Pierre Huyghe.

Transformations of the Human (ToftH) is excited to announce the launch of the ToftH School: a seven-month, one-of-a-kind experimental curriculum that brings together philosophy, art, and technology in a single practice we call PArT.

The curriculum of ToftH School is designed by Tobias Rees and the ToftH collective, on the basis of our projects with tech companies on the one hand and with artists on the other: We offer a unique research and postgraduate curriculum that will provide students with the tools to identify and address the profound philosophical transformations brought about by technologies ranging from machine learning and neurotechnology to synthetic biology, microbiome research, and biogeochemistry. Students will learn how to identify the ways in which these and other technologies disrupts the 19th-century ideas and institutions that organize how we live; how to invent concepts that bring new, technically enabled realities into view; and how to build technologies that, like works of art, do not only disrupt old, but also provide new concepts and philosophies, that change how we can live.

Located in the San Francisco East Bay, ToftH School is now accepting applications for 12 student positions. The curriculum runs from December 2021 through June 2022. A generous stipend will be granted to all successful applicants.

Visit to apply.

To accomplish our goals and provide the best possible education, we have assembled a world class internal and external faculty, which includes, among others: Benjamin Bratton, Eoin Brodie, Hans-Peter Brondmo, Brian Cantwell-Smith, Ian Cheng, Antonio Damasio, Kate Darling, Stephanie Dinkins, Drew Endy, Danny Ferrante, Reid Hoffman, Elaine Hsiao, Yuk Hui, Pierre Huyghe, Yann LeCun, Christian Madsbjerg, Margaret McFall-Ngai, Hartmut Neven, Michael Specter, Ben Vickers, Liping Zhao, Andrew Zuckerman. is made possible thanks to the generous support of Reid Hoffman and the Berggruen Institute.

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