August 10, 2021

Practice-led Master on Heritage and Creation with specialties in Architecture, Arts, Landscape

CY Cergy Paris University

Ângela Ferreira, Independence Cha Cha, 2021. Installation view, Abbaye de Maubuisson/ENSAPC, Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône, France, 2021.

The practice-led Master on Heritage and Creation is a one-year program (with no associated Master One). By associating practitioners from specific fields (architects, artists, landscapers, museum curators and conservators, creative writing and literature authors), this Master Two aims to be an interface between the academic world and the professional world.

The EUR Humanities, Creation, Heritage (EUR PSGS HCH - Investissement d’avenir ANR -17-EURE-0021) is a research and training consortium on heritage and creation, associating CY Cergy Paris University with four higher schools and institutes: École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles (ÉNSA-V); École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC); École nationale supérieure de paysage (ENSP); Institut national du patrimoine (INP), with the participation of the Heritage Sciences Foundation, the CNRS and the Ministry of Culture. After initiating and consolidating its doctoral program, the EUR PSGS HCH will open in the fall 2021 an inter-institutional, multidisciplinary and internationalized Master Two for project-based research.

The practice-led Master on Heritage and Creation offers three specialties this year: Architecture, Arts and Landscape. Organized in two blocks, it consists on one hand of trans-disciplinary courses, and workshops in the chosen specialty on the principles of project-based research, and on the other hand seminars and classes in the other specialties provided in the schools and institute partners of the program.

One of the main objectives of this master’s program is to implement project-based research, allowing practitioners to reconnect with their research without putting their practice aside. The Master thesis will thus combine written report and project, blending the professional, academic, artistic and scientific practices of the students. Offering a project-based master’s degree in the fields of architecture, arts and landscape, this program aims to propose research methodologies and explorations to candidates who would be returning to studies or wishing to contribute to research projects in their professional life. Another goal is to propose a preparatory year for applying to a doctoral program.

Prerequisites: Master one or equivalent. State diploma for regulated professions.

Application procedures: (1) Submit an application file consisting of a project, a cover letter and a resume. (2) The applications will be reviewed by the executive committee of the EUR PSGS HCH. (3) Interview with selected candidates in hearing before the jury composed of the program’s scientific director and the executive committee of the EUR PSGS HCH.

Contact: eur.masterparleprojet [​at​]

To apply go to between August 16 and 31, 2021. The auditions will take place on September 7, 2021.

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