July 16, 2021

Call for applications


Conditions, Satellite Studio (still), 2019. VR/Unity. Courtesy of Conditions, Phoebe Stubbs, Cecelia Johnson, Denise Padron Benitez, Richard Phoenix, Felix Riemann, Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Durril Weller.

Conditions is a low-cost studio programme for artists. It gives studio space and structured critical conversations to develop each artist’s work, as well as encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and collective work on exhibitions and events.

Conditions offers participating artists a programme of talks, support and workshops from a wide range of Associates comprising artists, writers, musicians, performers, curators and educators. It aims to provide an alternative model to the increasing cost of both studio space and education for artists in London.

Conditions is artist-run, co-founded in 2018 by artist and educator Matthew Noel–Tod and artist and musician David Panos. The aim is to build a long-term, sustainable, and independent environment for artists.

Associates working with the programme’s artists include: Alice Channer, Ami Clarke, Paul Clinton, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Ayesha Hameed, Danny Hayward, John Hill, Rebecca Jagoe, James Lewis, Jean Matthee, Jade Montserrat, Harun Morrison, Yuri Pattison, Clunie Reid, Tom Richards, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Sara Sassanelli, They Are Here, Maija Timonen, Nikhil Vettukattil and Marina Vishmidt.

New Associates for 2021–22 include: Reiss Dendie, Cécile B. Evans, Sophio Medoidze and Tai Shani.

Conditions is based in three studios on Gloucester Road, Croydon. In 2021–22 we are opening a new space and studio, Conditions Lab, in the Whitgift Centre, Croydon, next-door to Turf Projects.

Conditions Lab will offer a new strand within our whole programme, inviting artists who are interested in engaging with digital technology and live practice. This initiative will be supported by sessions on digital and multimedia art led by artist Yuri Pattison and sessions on performance and live practice led by curator Sara Sassanelli.

Conditions Lab will include facilities for Motion Capture, VR and 3D printing.

The next cycle of Conditions will begin on November 1, 2021.

Defining Conditions
Conditions aims to rethink art education and art production and reach toward new conditions. We start with a space (a studio) and a programme (a structure). The programme is focused around a number of loose themes and we invite participating artists to propose new definitions of these.

(1) We seek to rethink the parameters, aesthetics, social role and politics of what has been called “contemporary” art. We are looking to push beyond current conventions, styles and assumptions to find new ways to engage.

(2) We welcome and support those engaged in culture from all disciplines and backgrounds, regardless of any prior qualifications. Self-motivated and innovative work is key.

(3) We value critical engagement with digital media and its prevalence, but are not limited to artists working in digital media. The programme is not medium specific, but will draw from a number of disciplines, for example: digital image / computing / moving image / film / animation / photography / painting / sculpture / performance / music / 3D / fashion / design / architecture / writing.

(4) We are actively looking for a political / critical mindset open to the debates and discussions around representation in art. The programme is intellectually engaged, but seeks to avoid unproductive academicisation in art making. We place a confidence in formal exploration in art, challenging the relationships between politics and form in art making.

Timeline and schedule
August 16, 2021 midnight deadline for applications for 2021–22
November 1, 2021 programme starts
September 30, 2022 programme ends

The cost is 230 GBP per month for 11 months = 2530 GBP per person. We regret that we do not have the ability to offer any free places, but we have aimed to keep costs as low as possible. The cost is based on a comparative London studio space, with the enhanced offer of a directed studio programme and framework for public exhibitions and public engagement of the cohort. Applicants must have UK residency.

Please see the website for full details of the programme and application process, including Covid-19 information.

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