May 14, 2021

Sincerely Yours, The Resilient, The Perseverant, The Tenacious, The Tired, & The Determined

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

Views of Sincerely Yours, The Resilient, The Perseverant, The Tenacious, The Tired, & The Determined, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 2021. Photos: Nicole Denzler. 

The senior exhibition, Sincerely Yours, The Resilient, The Perseverant, The Tenacious, The Tired, & The Determined, is on display at PCA&D’s Main Gallery and features one artwork by each senior in a physical exhibition. This exhibit was co-curated by five members of the Class of 2021: Nicole Denzler, Photography & Video; Mandi Hall, Fine Art; Alexis Lebesco, Illustration; Regina Marie Mehaffey, Graphic Design; and Rachel Stork, Fine Art, as part of a Gallery internship.

“A blank page is placed on the table and you’re asked to write an essay describing who you are. Sincerely Yours, is the sign-off to a four-year essay written by multiple hands. This exhibition includes the works from five distinct creative majors, however, the Class of 2021 can’t be boiled down to a handful of archetypes. We are diverse and beautiful in our differences but have formed bonds and found connections between us all. This gathering of work varies like its creators, but all culminates in a space that feels like coming home. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye but what better way to part ways than like the Breakfast Club. The era depicted within the classic film brings comfort and nostalgia during a time full of turmoil and conflict. As our credits roll, we look to the future resilient, tenacious, tired, and determined.” —Class of 2021 co-curators.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog designed by Kelly Phan '22.

The featured artists include Brendon Scott Adams, Artzbeat, Isaac Baker, Frank Barbera, Joanna Becker, Dorinda M. Benner, Jeremy Bensing, Jia Bernstein, Courtney Boyd, Riss Brendel, Daniel L. Cardona, Nicole Denzler, Zorina Eckman, Benjamin Farley, Nathaniel Alex Gonzalez, Hannah Guldin, Alexander Gutierrez, Mandi Hall, Brandon Harris, Amanda Herr, Paige Hershey, John Hollas, Jolie Jones, Sydney Landis, Ken Donovan Landis, Brittany Taylor Lare, Alexis Lebesco, Sarah Lennon, Brianna Grace Linwood, Madeleine Lyash, Jeff Maisonneuve, Eion McCleary, Kaitlyn McCulley, Ayana Janell McGaw, Regina Marie Mehaffey, Amelia Mellberg, William Metzinger IV, Lyzzi Michel, Hannah Miller, Mab Moon, Breanna Nelson, Karissa Nicole, Danielle Parker, Jadin Poliski, Dixon Y. Pugh-Cook, Maggie Riley, Will Riley, Spencer Robbins, James William Morrow Shepherd, Tessa Sherk, Lizbeth Sherlock, Kyeir Smith, Shazeem Sueksagan, Rachel Stork, Jericho Tulayan, Miles Warren, Seth Zeller, Alex Zhao.

Founded in 1982, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is a private, non-profit, professional art college offering BFA degrees, certificates, credentials, and curricula that enable students of all ages to pursue art as their life’s work.

The exhibition program of the Gallery at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design uses art-based learning alongside artist-centered and community-focused programming to enable critical thinking and encourage dialogues with global perspectives for the communities of PCA&D, Lancaster, and beyond.

Sincerely Yours, will be on display at the Main Gallery of the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design through July 17, 2021.

Photos by Nicole Denzler.

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