April 2, 2021

Classroom: Corona Kino

Art & Education

Lola Willemin, but the world goes round, 2021. HD video, color, and sound, 27:43 minutes.

Jonas Huldi and Colin Barth, Ralentissement, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 10:23 minutes.

Hamza Badran, measurements. The Rhine, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 3:03 minutes.

Josefina Leon A, Letters from the Ersten Stock, 2020. HD Video, color, and sound, 14:15 minutes.

Danielle Küchler Flores, A home, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 5:21 minutes.


Mariana Murcia, Mouth teeth and tongues with the wood, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 5:48 minutes.


Daniel Kurth, I live in the interstice, delivered from any fulfilled meaning, 2020. Full HD video, color, and sound, 18:04 minutes.

Jan Van Oordt, Tuanaki, 2020. HD video, color, and sound, 6 mins 10 secs.

Corona Kino
Organized by Art Institute, FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel

The digital platform Corona Kino was created in spring 2020 as reaction to the current situation but also as a long-term and international project. It hosts two clusters of films: Managing Life and Ocean Nature. Presented in this series, the contributions to Managing Life are about everyday life in pandemic times and are filmed and produced by current and former students of the Art Institute, FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel. Corona Kino was supported in 2020 by Dachstiftung der Christoph Merian Stiftung.

The Art Institute is dedicated to visual arts education. We are a public institution with a hundred students divided between a three-year bachelor’s program and a two-year master’s program.

Embracing nature and social justice is at the core of our curricula. We offer several types of programs: international symposia, a speakers series titled “Art Taaalkssss,” digital projects like Corona Kino, the podcast Promise No Promises!, and an art commission program open to the public. We believe art and artists make essential contributions to the practice of freedom and to imagining other possible futures.

Managing Life
Initiated by: Chus Martínez, Art Institute HGK FHNW
Research and coordination: Ingo Niermann and Alice Wilke
Press and communications: Anna Francke
Programming: Esther Hunziker, Steven Schoch
Design: Ana Domínguez Studio
Supported by: Dachstiftung der Christoph Merian Stiftung

© The artists and Art Institute, FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel.

Featuring videos from Ingo Niermann; Hamza Badran; Mariana Murcia; Vital Z’Brun; Josefina Leon A; Danielle Küchler Flores; Till Langschied; Carolina Brunelli; Michael Etzensperger; Alessandro Schiattarella; Jan Van Oordt; Katrin Niedermeier; Jonas Huldi and Colin Barth; Martina Henzi, Michael Ray-Von, and Sophia Remer; Sara Sjölin; Mia Sanchez; Lea Rüegg; Daniel Kurth; and Lola Willemin.

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Classroom is a series of video programs curated by art schools, educators, artists, and writers. Each program assembles films, interviews, lectures, panel discussions, and documentaries from a variety of sources to engage with themes relevant to contemporary art and cultural production.

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