March 12, 2021

Exhibitions: Art, Theory, Practice, (A,T,P,) at Northwestern University 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition

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Left: Anya Smolnikova, Upon Your Joyful Shores, 2020. Gouache, acrylic, and watercolor on paper, 12 x 9 inches. Right: Anya Smolnikova, Watching the Sunrise / emotional landscapes / the feeling of the tears going down into your ear when you’re laying on your back, 2020. Gouache, acrylic and watercolor on paper, 12 x 9 inches. Photo: Nathan Keay.

Jurrell Lewis, Faces for a New Drama, Masks for a Tomorrow Today, 2020. Cardboard, acrylic, and masking tape, dimensions variable. Photo: Nathan Keay.

Kayla Anderson, The Waves (still), 2020. Video installation and nickel copper mesh. Courtesy of the artist.

Cindy Phenix, Distributive Associations, 2020. Textile and thread, 82 x 98 inches. Photo: Nathan Keay.

Left: Lauren Wy, BecomingSofa, 2019. UltraViolet and manganese blue, lamp black, and opera on Arches Oil Paper, 51 x 75 inches. Right: Lauren Wy, Swiper, 2019. Compose green, manganese blue, and ivory black on Arches Paper,  51 x 41 inches. Photo: Nathan Keay.

Art & Education is pleased to share While We're At It, the 2020 MFA thesis exhibition from Art, Theory, Practice, (A,T,P,) at Northwestern University on Exhibitions.

While We’re At It: Art, Theory, Practice, (A,T,P,) at Northwestern University 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition
Art, Theory, Practice, (A,T,P,) at Northwestern University is honored to share this body of work from our graduating MFA class of 2020. These brave, inventive, and committed artists worked undeterred through this most difficult and unprecedented of eras to present their work in both virtual and spatial contexts. Their visions, their voices, are vital.

While We’re At It is on view at 6018North, Chicago’s home for experimental arts and culture, February 27–April 25, 2021. A digital version of the 2020 thesis catalogue is available on the A,T,P, website.

The 2020 thesis exhibition was organized by Michael Rakowitz, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at Art, Theory, Practice (A,T,P,), and Tricia Van Eck, Artistic Director at 6018North.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Jane & Francis Purtell Endowed Fund, the Jerrold Loebl Fund for the Arts, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, The Graduate School, and 6018North for making this exhibition possible.

Participating artists: Kayla Anderson, Jurrell Lewis, Cindy Phenix, Anya Smolnikova, and Lauren Wy.

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