February 17, 2021

Seeking Head and three Core Teachers: Master Artistic Research in and through Cinema

Netherlands Film Academy at Amsterdam University of the Arts

Yafit Taranto. Installation. Photo: Thomas Lenden.

View of 10 Years Master of Film. Photo: Thomas Lenden.

Photo: Thomas Lenden. 

Stefan Pavlovic. Photo: Thomas Lenden.

The Netherlands Film Academy is part of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, which also consists of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, the Breitner Academy, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Reinwardt Academy and the Academy of Architecture. The Film Academy offers a bachelor’s programme with nine specialisations and a two-year research-oriented master’s programme. The Film Academy strives to be a diverse and inclusive organization and finds it important to see that reflected in our student body and in our workforce.

The master’s programme of the Netherlands Film Academy is a unique two-year international and highly selective research programme for filmmakers and artists with at least five years of professional experience. Every year we accept a maximum of ten student-researchers into our programme, who come from different parts of the world and thus bring a great variety of cultural and professional perspectives to the programme. Once graduated, many of the alumni remain actively connected to the programme.

For the ongoing development of its unique master’s programme, the Film Academy is looking for a new Head of the Master ‘Artistic Research in and through Cinema’ (1.0 FTE) and three Core Teachers.

The focus of the programme is on Artistic Research in and through Cinema. It implies thinking through images and sounds, starting the inquiry from the practice, knowledge and perspectives of filmmaking, and using its accompanying concepts and language. This practice-driven programme, with its four thematic semesters that together outline the rhythm and line of questioning inherent to artistic research in and through cinema, privileges questions over answers, process over product, experimentation over mere execution and long-term effects over short term gain. Essential to the pedagogical philosophy of the programme is also its emphasis on peer- and group learning and on the value of education as a space of learning for all.

As an experimental programme by nature, the programme—just beyond the mark of its tenth-year anniversary—is entering a new and exciting phase in the further development of the structure and redesign of the curriculum. This is accompanied by a re-alignment of the organization in which a new core curriculum team is formed, consisting of the Head of the programme and three new core teachers. This team will be assisted by the present support staff.

Further information and the complete vacancy texts can be found here.

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