February 5, 2021

Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) Mobility grants

Acción Cultural Española

Concentrico 2016 Architecture Festival.

Marta Fernández Calvo, La timidez de la copa de los árboles, 2017. FRAC Lorraine.

David Mutiloa, Gasworks 2016.

Aichi Triennale Rainbow Caravan, Animal Religion, 2016. Photo: Naoshi Hatori.

Applications may be submitted by entities and institutions of areas including architecture and design or visual arts, among others.

After almost a decade of uninterrupted calls supporting hundreds of Spanish cultural professionals, the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) has established itself as a strategic tool for Acción Cultural Española. Through this, we promote and facilitate the international presence of the Spanish cultural sector, prioritising emerging proposals and those that reflect the plurality and cultural richness of our country.

The Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) is entering a new phase, renewing its operating mechanisms in order to adapt to the real needs of creators and applicant institutions and to the situation caused by the pandemic.

On January 15, Acción Cultural Española launched the new call for PICE Mobility with new features and improvements to its terms and conditions. "The Programme, which in 2021 is more objective, efficient and best suited to the reality, maintains its two lines of support with improvements and new features to facilitate access and development," states Isabel Izquierdo, Programs director at Acción Cultural Española (AC/E). So, among the new features presented is the elimination of restrictions on dates for submitting an application, making the calls open and continuous with quarterly resolutions. This measure opens the door to the creation of new calls specific to a thematic area, a territory or a particular course of action.

In order to adapt to recent needs and situations, new financial limits have been included by thematic areas, entities and creators or artistic groups.

In 2021, PICE Mobility will continue to collaborate with face-to-face projects and, as part of the progress, the catalogue of expenses has been increased by including new categories expressly linked to virtual or blended events. Likewise, the selection process has been improved, which includes fixed scoring criteria and measurement indicators. Furthermore, tailor made conditions will be published for each call, which will always be accompanied by the general framework conditions of the programme.

The two modalities of the PICE programme are widely recognised: PICE Visitors, which makes it possible for Spanish cultural entities to act as hosts for international professionals visiting our country by covering part of the costs. This modality helps these professionals to gain first-hand knowledge of our cultural and creative sector so that they can subsequently integrate it into the programming of the institutions they represent, therefore enhancing the presence of our creators in projects outside of Spain. On the other hand, PICE Mobility helps foreign cultural entities to invite Spanish creators and artists to participate in their programmes and projects under a co-financing regime, with AC/E covering part of the costs.

In addition to the improvements in PICE Mobility, for which the call was published on January 15, AC/E is working on the implementation of new processes to benefit the PICE Visitors line as well as a new line of action aimed at Residences, which is also part of the PICE Programme.

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