January 21, 2021

LUCA Showcase 2020
The nearby future

LUCA School of Arts

Antia Caldeiro.

2020 was a troubled year and however unusual and remarkable it may seem, it still was a year for another generation artistic and creative talent to emerge from LUCA School of Arts. This generation of artists and designers lives in sync with the heartbeat of our time and must have felt the need to take control of their life path.

The first thing to strike us is the heartfelt concern for the immediate environment in all the selected works: for family and ancestors, cultural heritage and landscape. This caring attention does not focus solely on our students’ history, but also the rediscovered humanity of refugees and squatters. Their altruistic stories are intersected by elementary, physical experiences such as dance movements, smells, sound and flashes of light. In concrete terms, this is reflected in photos of living rooms, camera movements around whirling bodies or in a lion sculpture. In others, the experienced energy leaves an intimate impression on ceramic vases, in delicate fabrics and piles of earth and bottles of water.

The exhibition includes a strict selection of both "autonomous" and "applied" artists and yet common ground between the participating artists is abundant. Very often we see a striking combination of a strong, personal approach inspired by society and emotional involvement paired with a cognitive curiosity that does not hesitate to question our reality. Vision takes precedence over a medium used with strong expertise. Each and every artist gives meaning to concrete experiences and places them within a broader framework, whether or not by making use of several techniques. Finally, each and all have an affinity for spatiality and which appears in the exhibition, both to the architecture and the viewer, which completes the work.

The artists and designers presented are a cross-section of LUCA School of Arts. They represent a varied range of campuses, courses and practices. They also reflect the regional and cultural diversity of the students. This diversity is enriched by an influx of international students. Numerous projects work across borders and interdisciplinary and, in doing so, a hand reaches out for a multitude of components in society. The entire exhibition is proof thereof.

Participating artists: Lennert Berx, Lara Bongard, Eva Maria Bouillon, Antia Caldeiro, Miguel Angel Escobar, Eline Hellemans, Zoë Komkommer, Cami Laureyssens, Tessa Lecluyse, Vincent Van Lieshout, Siebert Mispelon, Erya Miura, Sara Tremblay en Joy Vervaeke.

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Ronald Clays en Filip Luyckx
Supported by: VGC De Markten

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