January 11, 2021

Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education

Institute of Cultural Policy at University of Hildesheim

Photos: Victoria Tomaschko.

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko.

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko.

Photo: Ralf Hiemisch.

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko.

A Germany-wide certification course developed by the Institute for Cultural Policy of the Department of Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication at the University of Hildesheim under the direction of Prof. Mona Jas and Prof. Dr. Birgit Mandel in close cooperation with practice partners, offers a total of thirty arts practitioners to become qualified professionals in practice-based, cultural education work at schools and other organizations. With certification, participants will also be able to work in education in museums, theaters, dance and opera stages, orchestras, youth centers or at festivals. In addition, participants will receive training to become trainers themselves of future Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education certification courses.

Pilot certification course offers
Qualified training in cultural education at the intersection of artistic work, educational work and cultural management / Integration of your own artistic position as starting point / Simultaneous training as a trainer of future Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education certificate courses / Interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues from various artistic fields / Development and testing of the latest approaches to digitality in education and mediation work in connection with aesthetic practice / Close cooperation with renowned cultural education pilot projects across Germany / Exposure to international positions via lecturers from England, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Ghana, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil / Implement your own practice-based formats at documenta and Museum Fridericianum gGmbH Kassel 2022 / Reference manual and accompanying publications with possible author participation / Visibility through publication of cultural education projects developed during the course / Germany-wide recognized certification and proof of professional qualification in cultural education work

The training is designed to address each practitioner’s particular level of artistic and cultural experience and to instill in them an appreciation for cultural education projects when developed and implemented successfully. Central to this are the questions: How can artistic expertise be effectively paired with cultural education projects and their existing pedagogical and systemic aspects? Which new inspirations and sense of purpose arise from working in cultural educational contexts? What new perspectives do participation-oriented formats and new contexts open up for your own artistic work? How can interdisciplinary methodological and teaching fundamentals be combined with digital strategies? The arts have special potential for cultural education processes because they can enable “a diversity of aesthetic experiences” beyond everyday perception. Experiencing artistic concepts in the form of discovery-guided learning stimulates curiosity, independent and unconventional thinking and actions in children, teens and adults, reinforces self-belief and creates a sensitivity for complex social contexts.

Concepts and implementation
In partnership with the Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel, eight qualified training modules will be offered from September 2021 to August 2022 in the following areas: art education concepts in the context of one’s own artistic work; concepts and discourses of cultural education and mediation work; transdisciplinary, methodological and teaching fundamentals including digital strategies; practice-based formats for art and cultural education; collaborative partnerships in cultural education; cultural management practices (finance, marketing, PR and audience development) and cultural policy; individualized, practice-based projects with mentorship as well as an integrated train-the-trainer module that enables participants to work in the field of qualified training for artists. The certificate course is to be implemented across Germany beginning in 2022.

The course is distinguished by the expertise of its various partners from international artistic arenas. The modules are supplemented by immersion units in the fields of visual arts, literature, media, music, performance, theater and contemporary dance, which have been developed specifically for this certification course by experts from Stiftung Mercator’s Art Labs. Their many years of experience in cultural education ensure that fellows receive professional support in the form of mentorships and guidance.

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