November 17, 2020

Exhibitions: _____: Revisited: The University of Texas at Austin 2020 Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibition

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An Phung, Fountain 3 (Miss Big Naturals), 2020. Mixed media installation; Fountain 2 (Mannequin Piss), 2020. Mixed media installation. Photo: Sandy Carson.

Anika Todd, Fort Tilden (still), 2020. Video, color, sound, 4 minutes 2 seconds. Courtesy of the artist.

CC Calloway, virtue signal, 2020. Embroidery on denim. Courtesy of the artist.

Hannah Spector, oceanic feeling, 2020. Multichannel video, wood; (a list) unexhausted, 2020. Vinyl. Photo: Saeid Janaati.

Heather den Uijl, Float, 2019. Oil on canvas, 65 x 96”. Photo: Saeid Janaati.

Jerónimo Reyes-Retana, i-35, 2018. Video, color, 5 minutes 56 seconds. Photo: Saeid Janaati.

Lauren Bechelli, Anderson Mill Rd. in red, 2020. Oil on found canvas, found asphalt, found rugs, found charcoal, found bowl. Photo: Saeid Janaati.

Maia Snow, If when rebuilding Windows, 2020. Oil on panel, 29 x 16 x 3”; Hairpin Painting, 2019. Oil on panel. 29 x 16 x 3”. Photo: Sandy Carson.

Mathieu Grenier, Efflorescence des corps #6, 2020. Cyanotype on cotton, 39 x 31”. Photo: Mathieu Grenier.

Rafael Fernando Guiterrez Jr., My Dealer Called with Tears in His Eyes, 2020. Animated GIF assemblage; BPCB, 2020. Animated GIF assemblage; Murder, 2020. Animated GIF assemblage. Photo: Saeid Janaati.

Saeid Janaati, 2020, 2020. Archival inkjet print, 12 x 15”. Photo: Saeid Janaati.

Will Shea, House, basement, 2020. Oil on canvas, 72 x 54”. Photo: Sandy Carson.

Art & Education is excited to share The University of Texas at Austin 2020 Studio Art MFA thesis exhibition _____: Revisited on Exhibitions.

_____: Revisited: The University of Texas at Austin 2020 Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibition
The University of Texas at Austin is proud to present the work of its graduated 2020 MFA cohort in _____: Revisited: 2020 Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibition, on view at the Visual Arts Center by appointment only from September 25 to November 20, 2020.

Comprising works in painting, photography, sculpture, video, and installation, this exhibition celebrates the critical discussions and collaborative experience this group of 12 artists has shared over the past two years. The title of the exhibition is left intentionally open, acknowledging the long pause and recent return to work this cohort has experienced. Reconsidering their work in a new context, each artist is invited to fill in the blank.

Through a range of interdisciplinary practices, the artists each explore what it means to persist as a body trapped in time—a notion drawn from the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard. To be a body trapped in time is to be a human observer, watching change happen right before your eyes while seeking ways to either grasp it or look away. Revisiting their work in the wake of a monumental change in the world and in their daily lives, each artist’s work acknowledges these perspectival shifts: what it means to make art, what it means to be an artist, to be an activist, to be a good person; where purpose can be found, and how change can be made.

A catalogue of essays written by graduate students in Art History will be published later in the fall season and will be available as a digital publication on the Visual Arts Center’s website.

Participating artists: Lauren Bechelli, CC Calloway, Heather den Uijl, Mathieu Grenier, Rafael Fernando Gutierrez Jr., Saeid Janaati, An Phung, Jerónimo Reyes-Retana, Will Shea, Maia Snow, Hannah Spector, and Anika Todd.

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