October 1, 2020

Call for applications: three PhD fellowships

School of Arts at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto

(1) View of Diogo Evangelista, Blind Faith. Photo: Nuno Fonseca. (2) Workshop and masterclass with Mariska de Groot. Photo: João Pereira.

The School of Arts at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto) seeks applications for the PhD in Science, Technology and Arts. Three PhD fellowships are available.

The PhD in Science, Technology and Arts was established with the goal of developing a study program where artists, scientists and researchers from different backgrounds could develop multidisciplinary research in the realm of artistic exploration. This program proposes a curriculum that explores subjects related to the conceptual, creative and technological aspects of the artistic process, as well as its relationship with the fundamental humanities and social sciences.

This PhD program is intended for artistic creators, technology developers and researchers that wish to develop a practical research that interweaves artistic and technological reasoning. The study program is focused on the research and discussion of distinctive topics belonging to contemporary artistic creation and the technological aspects that are involved in its development. In addition to the available courses, the PhD researchers may freely attend to any course offered at the SoA, acquiring practical and technical skills important for their doctoral research.

The program for the first year of studies is blended, crossing online with in-site activities. In the following years the students are expected to develop their PhD thesis. Research projects can take advantage of the School of Arts’ facilities, equipment and laboratorial infrastructure (computers, audiovisual gear, studios, fabrication workshops).

Researchers enrolled in the program are encouraged to explore some of the following topics: Art, Culture and Society / Cinema / Procedural Art / Sonic Arts / Science and technology and Art / Animation / Human-Machine Interfaces / Contemporary Music / Curatorial Research / Moving Image / Digital fabrication / Instrument Design / Art criticism and critical studies / Digital restoration / Artificial Intelligence / Performance

Researchers will be accompanied in the program by the faculty staff. Furthermore, they will contact with a body of speakers and artists annually invited by the School of Arts for a program of exhibitions, masterclasses, workshops, conferences and talks.

Teaching staff: Sabeth Buchmann, Luiz Camillo Osorio, Nuno Crespo, Daniel Ribas, Pedro Pestana, André Perrotta, Maria Coutinho, André Baltazar, Vasco Carvalho, José Alberto Gomes, Pedro Monteiro, Sahra Kunz, Pedro Alves, Carlos Ruiz, Laura Castro, Cristina Sá.

Visiting artists: Filipa César, Coletivo Cadjigue and Susana de Sousa Dias (in the context of Summer School on Art & Cinema 2021). Ben Russell, Matias Piñeiro, Ana Vaz, Igor Jesus, Sandro Aguilar.

Guest speakers: To be announced

More information and aplications here. For any further questions please contact artes [​at​]

Funding: three fellowships are available
The Research Centre for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR) and the School of Arts at Universidade Católica Portuguesa will be accepting applications for three PhD fellowships in the fields of new media art, cinema, heritage and conservation and restoration. The fellowships funded by FCT—Portuguese funding agency for science, research and technology—are annual and renewable for a maximum period of 48 months.

The fellowships cover:
–monthly stipend currently fixed at 1064 EUR;
–The FCT pays directly to the host institution tuition fees and other costs involved.

For more information consult the website. For further information please contact citar [​at​]

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