October 14, 2020

Forecast Forum digital fifth edition


Courtesy Forecast.

The fifth edition of the international mentorship program Forecast will host a three-day virtual event showcasing the nominees' work.

The eighteen nominees in Forecast’s fifth edition will share their projects with the public for the first time during three days of live performances, music, films, and lecture performances livestreamed online from their locations around the world.

The fifth edition of Forecast has been radically rethought in response to the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to holding a virtual Forum, Forecast has updated its format to decentralize its resources and enable an extended mentoring period for all 18 nominees. Handpicked by the mentors out of nearly 500 applications from 98 countries, the nominated projects have benefitted from remote mentoring since May, which will continue through November 1.

At the end of the Forum, each mentor will select one mentee, and accompany their project to completion. The final six productions will be presented at the Forecast Festival in April 2021, at radialsystem in Berlin.

Join us October 29–31, at 6pm CET on

Forecast Forum program:
Two mentorship fields will showcase their work each day, followed by discussions with the mentors. The public is invited to join the conversations in Q&A sessions and breakout rooms.

Thursday, October 29

6pm: Welcome

Resistance through Duration
Mentor: Markus Öhrn
Contributions by: Lulu Obermayer (DE), Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (GH), Only Game in Town (FR/DE)

Curating as Unearthing
Mentor: Koyo Kouoh
Contributions by: Myriam Amroun (AL), Aude Christel Mgba (CM), Ozoz Sokoh (NG)

From 9:30pm
Breakout Rooms
Deep dives into the individual projects by the nominees in each field

Friday, October 30

6pm: Welcome

6:05–7:45pm: Cooking for Change
Mentor: Manu Buffara
Contributions by: Paula Erstmann (DE), Elijah Ndoumbe (FR/US), Andrea Nones-Kobiakov (US/VE)

7:45–9:25pm: Dissecting Technocapitalism
Mentor: Evgeny Morozov
Contributions by: Yelta Köm (TR), Joana Moll (ES), PostRational (UK)

From 9:30pm: Breakout Rooms
Deep dives into the individual projects by the nominees in each field

Saturday, October 31

6pm: Welcome

6:05–7:45pm: Still Images, Loud Voices
Mentor: Tobias Zielony
Contributions by: Adéolá Ọlágúnjú (NG), Mafalda Rakoš (AT), Matthew C. Wilson (US)

7:45–9:25pm: Future Traditions in Music
Mentor: Du Yun
Contributions by: Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo (US), S. Bercetche and T. Lebrero (AR), Jonathan Reus (NL/US)

From 9:30pm: Breakout Rooms
Deep dives into the individual projects by the nominees in each field

Forecast’s call for proposals closed before the pandemic brought everyday life to a halt. Yet, interestingly, the selected projects share a deep engagement with ideas surrounding community, communalities, and communication—topics that have become even more relevant now. Find out more on the nominees’ projects here.

Forecast—Mentorships for Audacious Minds
Since its inaugural edition in 2015, Forecast offers artists and creative thinkers from anywhere in the world the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition. For each edition, Forecast selects six mentors of various disciplines who offer selected participants their expertise in specifying and realizing their pioneering project ideas. Forecast transcends neatly defined disciplines and genres to provide insight into creative production processes, and carve out space for the questions on the minds of the next generation of trailblazers.

Forecast is a project by Skills e.V. It is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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