July 28, 2020

Werkschau: end of semester show

School of Design Pforzheim

Photo: Markus Feifel Pargas – @markusfeifelpargas. Model: Johanna Heilig – @johannaheilig

Everything’s different—this semester our doors will remain closed for the annual "Werkschau", the School of Design’s end of semester show. Nonetheless we are dedicating space to our students’ works—a lot more than usual. Our virtual presentation features the subjects our emerging designers have been working on during this extraordinary Coronavirus semester: offline, at home, online, alone, together. Browse by and say hi!

The show is influenced by something familiar to all of us… something we have experienced intensely most recently. It represents where we come from, comfort and pleasure but—in the context of Corona—also isolation: Home.

In 2020, the term “home” is inevitably linked to buzzwords such as the “home office” or “stay at home.” For many, however, the university is also a home. Not only the students but also the professors, lecturers, and staff members miss the social contacts, personal exchange, and community at university and on campus.

We can’t open our doors for this year’s Semester Show, but we can open our house—move walls, create new spaces, change perspectives, and stay in touch by doing so—by being open ourselves. For the Coronavirus semester show, we are visually and mentally breaking out of our four walls without leaving our homes, much like the motto: “stay in touch, without touching.”​

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